Novel Approaches Towards a Functional Cure of HIV/AIDS

Novel Approaches Towards a Functional Cure of HIV/AIDS

Data de publicació online: 20/05/2020 Data de publicació en paper: 20 Maig 2020 Revista: Drugs


Therapeutic approaches towards a functional cure or eradication of HIV have gained renewed momentum upon encouraging data emerging from studies in SIV monkey models and recent results from human clinical studies. However, a multitude of questions remain to be addressed, including how to deal with the latent viral reservoir, how to boost the host immune response to the virus and what the hurdles are to reach relevant viral compartments in the body. Advances have been made especially with regard to identifying agents that can reactivate the latent virus in vivo and boost the cellular and humoral immunity, but it remains largely unclear whether any of these strategies can awaken a sufficiently large fraction of the viral reservoir and whether the boosted immunity can prevent rapid viral replication once antiretroviral treatments are stopped.

Autors: Bailon L, Mothe B, Berman L, Brander C

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