Effect of α-Methoxy Substitution on the Anti-HIV Activity of Dihydropyrimidin-4(3 H)-ones

Effect of α-Methoxy Substitution on the Anti-HIV Activity of Dihydropyrimidin-4(3 H)-ones

Data de publicació online: 07/12/2018 Data de publicació en paper: 24 Gener 2019 Revista: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


Conformational restriction applied to dihydrobenzylpyrimidin-4-(3 H)-ones (DABOs) by the intoduction of a methyl group at the α-benzylic position is known to massively improve the anti-HIV-1 activity of these compounds. Here, we report the effects of methoxy substitution at the α-benzylic position in S-, NH-, and N, N-DABOs carrying 2,6-difluoro, 2-chloro-6-fluoro, or 2,6-dichloro substituted benzyl moieties. The various α-methoxy DABO series (12-14) present different SAR at the dihalo benzyl substitution, with the most potent compounds (12d,e and 13c) showing similar (picomolar/nanomolar) anti-HIV-1 potency as the corresponding α-methyl analogues against wt HIV-1, and 10-100-fold increased potency (up to low nanomolar) against clinically relevant K103N, Y181C, Y188L, IRLL98, and K103N+Y181C HIV-1 mutant strains, highlighting the importance of the α-methoxy substitution to provide highly efficient DABOs as "second generation" NNRTIs. HPLC enantioseparation of three of the most potent derivatives (12d, 13c, and 14c) provided single enantiomers with significant enantioselectivity in HIV-1 inhibition. Computational studies allowed to correlate the best antiviral activity with the ( R) absolute configuration at the α-methoxy stereogenic center.

Autors: Nawrozkij MB, Forgione M, Yablokov AS, Lucidi A, Tomaselli D, Patsilinakos A, Panella C, Hailu GS, Kirillov IA, Badia R, Riveira-Muñoz E, Crespan E, Armijos Rivera JI, Cirilli R, Ragno R, Esté JA, Maga G, Mai A, Rotili D.

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