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Doctoral programme

We offer excellent training and full participation in all phases of the scientific process to foster a successful research career for IrsiCaixa's predoctoral researchers.

Imatge de Programa Doctorat

Laying the foundations for a top-level research career

The IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute is keen to ensure the professional and personal growth of students and scientists interested in developing a successful biomedical research career, especially in the field of HIV/AIDS and related diseases. Our aim is to encourage young scientists to undertake projects at the highest academic level and become the biomedical researchers of the future.

Doctoral students at IrsiCaixa join one of our research groups, where they develop a project by agreement with their supervisor and participate in daily lab routines.

What we offer

  • Full involvement in the daily routines of IrsiCaixa, working with top-level researchers and using our cutting-edge experimental infrastructure and facilities.

  • Skills development and technical knowledge acquisition at the highest level.

  • Access to cutting-edge facilities, technologies and services at IrsiCaixa and the Can Ruti Campus.

  • Additional training through participation in scientific seminars, specialized programmes, technical workshops, scientific conferences, etc.

  • Contacts at the national and international levels.

  • Options to take up research stays at prestigious centres such as the Pasteur Institute in Paris, the University of Miami, the University of California San Diego or Massachusetts General Hospital.

How to apply

  • Apply for a research post in an IrsiCaixa research group

  • Obtain funding to develop a specific project, e.g., through a grant or funding programme in your own country*.

*We recommend contacting the principal investigator of the research group of interest to explore possibilities for joining the group and agree on a possible research project.

To obtain a doctorate, the student must be enrolled in a doctoral programme at the university of their choice. At the local level, the following universities offer doctoral programmes in the biosciences:

For further information, you can submit a spontaneous application on the work with us page, where you can send your details and CV.

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