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Postdoctoral programme

This programme is designed for young researchers who want to boost their career by broadening and deepening their research knowledge and skills.

Imatge Programa Postdoctorat

The definitive driver behind a career as an independent researcher

The IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute welcomes talented young researchers seeking to sharpen their research skills and grow professionally in a highly competitive environment. Candidates should have a good track record in scientific publication and pre-doctoral and/or post-doctoral experience in another country.

IrsiCaixa offers advanced training opportunities while providing the full scientific, technical and administrative support necessary to advance the careers of independent researchers.

Post-doctoral researchers who join IrsiCaixa generally do so with an external grant funded by a national or international body.

How to apply


  • Apply for a postdoctoral researcher position posted in the job offers section of our website.

  • Obtain funding to develop a specific project, e.g., through a grant or funding programme in your own country. In this case we recommend contacting the principal investigator of the research group of interest to explore possibilities for joining the group and agree on a possible research project. IrsiCaixa offers institutional and management support to apply for postdoctoral grants, such as Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions or EMBO.

  • Submit a spontaneous application on the work with us page, where you can send your details and CV.

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