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Training courses and coaching in the implementation of innovation networks, participatory research processes and co-creation.

Imatge de Serveis

We offer consultancy services to the society

The services are aimed at designing and implementing integrated interventions with a collective impact within innovation networks. Our consultancy services include:

Participatory research for strategic design. Participatory research processes to develop transdisciplinary knowledge:

  • System knowledge: understanding the system, its interrelationships and why is it so complex to solve the challenge.

  • Target knowledge: defining the desired future, with a commitment to a shared vision.

  • Transformation knowledge: identifying factors with potential for system change (leveraged interventions), understanding how change is happening and where change is necessary, and planning change through collective strategic and action plans for collective impact.

Co-creation processes. Co-design of integrated and high-impact interventions that are systemic, decentralized, and collaborative, and that include the facilitation of ideation, prototyping, and validation processes within multi-stakeholder innovation teams.

Implementation. Facilitation and implementation of integrated interventions within systems in transition in which innovation teams work as a network.

Education. Training courses and methodological guidelines that empower professionals to become change agents in promoting collective impact. Aimed at professionals from the scientific community, health services, educational community and other social actors interested in the development of innovation networks and participatory research.

  • Health education programmes for schools, hospitals, primary care centres, social services, and other targets, based on participatory dynamics, systemic and decentralized approaches.

  • Training in RRI and system innovation for research centres, innovation agencies, and universities.

  • Development of methodological guidelines and toolkits for the implementation of RRI and system innovation approaches.

  • Development of multimedia education resources.

Living Lab

The IrsiCaixa Living Lab for Health also offers its service through the CERCA GINYS platform.


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