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IrsiCaixa's research projects have led to the creation of spin-offs designed to bring developed technologies to the product stage.

Imatge de spin offs
  • AELIX Therapeutics, SL

    Logo Aelix
    Date of creation

    AELIX Therapeutics, SL based in Barcelona, is a spin-off of the HIVACAT vaccine research consortium. The company focuses on the discovery and development of immunotherapies against HIV infection. A first round of funding (11.5 million euros) was closed in January 2016. A phase II proof-of-concept clinical trial using the HTI immunogen as a therapeutic vaccine in people with HIV infection is foreseen to be completed by 2020. 

  • AlbaJuna Therapeutics, SL

    Date of creation

    AlbaJuna Therapeutics, SL (2016-2022) is the result of the agreement between IrsiCaixa, Grifols corporation and the researchers Bonaventura Clotet, Jorge Carrillo and Julià Blanco. The spin-off is developing a new treatment strategy based on monoclonal antibodies with great potential to neutralize HIV and activate the “natural killer” cells responsible for destroying cells infected by the virus.

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