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Coronavirus Community Lab Special Programme

A proposal to become an agent of change and help the community during the Coronavirus crisis.

Imatge de Coronavirus Community

About the Coronavirus Community Lab

Programme aimed at promoting citizen participation and empowerment in relation to the coronavirus crisis, to explore and investigate the needs of the community and design impact and community action solutions. It is aimed at families, adults, students and teachers of 2nd Cycle of ESO, baccalaureate and Formative Cycles.

To deal with the pandemic, measures have had to be taken and they have affected our daily lives (use of masks, social distance, hand hygiene, etc.). These measures have varied and become stricter depending on how the pandemic has evolved in our environment (confinement, closure of shops and educational centres, etc.).

Has it been easy for the whole population to follow these recommendations? What problems are they causing in the areas of health, economic, social, etc. among citizens? Are we sufficiently informed? What solutions have been offered to deal with the different situations in which citizens find themselves? Can we contribute from our community? How can we mobilise ourselves to help improve the management of this crisis in our immediate environment?


The Citizen Science Itinerary is a proposal for citizens to mobilise their community and empower them with knowledge and competences to jointly explore their particular situation and implement solutions with the aim of improving community health in a broad sense: physical and mental health, socialisation, nutrition, rest, physical activity, etc.

The project aims for participants to act as researchers exploring the situation in which we live, and to help generate proposals for change and evidence-based improvements through service-learning activities, participatory research and community action.

It is structured in four blocks:

  • Do you want to create a learning, citizen research and action group? Follow Block 0: We set up a Community Action Committee.

  • Do you want to learn about the situation from reliable and concise sources? Follow Block 1: We inform and empower ourselves to become agents of change.

  • Do you want to analyse the complexity of the situation? Follow Block 2: Strategies to end the pandemic: recommendations and analysis of problems and solutions.

  • Do you want to learn how to design impactful solutions based on community action? Follow Block 3: How to contribute to improving the management of the Coronavirus pandemic?

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