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A project that brings together international professionals to co-design and implement innovative models of participatory research through Science Shops.

Imatge de InSPIRES

InSPIRES project: Ingenious Science shops to promote Participatory Innovation, Research and Equity in Science

The InSPIRES project brings together professionals and experts from inside and outside Europe to co-design, pilot and implement innovative models of participatory research projects through so-called Science Shops (SS). The SS models that InSPIRES promotes integrate Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Open Science (OSc) and impact assessment as part of their DNA to open up the research process more strategically to civil society and other stakeholders. Concentrating most of its efforts on Research and Innovation in the health sector, with a strong focus on environmental and social determinants and with special attention to gender parity and vulnerable groups (women, elderly, adolescents, migrants and refugees), InSPIRES brings Science Cafés and other public participation initiatives into its models along with an international "glocal" approach, to promote more inclusive, community-based participatory research and innovation, adapted and relevant to the context.

What is the role of the Living Lab for Health?

WP4 Leaders: Implementation, monitoring and scaling up of traditional and 2.0 Science Shop models

The IrsiCaixa Living Lab for Health is in charge of work package 4 of the InSPIRES project, which aims to coordinate the implementation of SS structures and projects and to support new SS structures through a personalised mentoring programme, while promoting international cooperation.

The IrsiCaixa Living Lab plays a key role in the following tasks:

  • Provide a mentoring programme for the creation of new SS structures, consolidating the regional Hubs of SS initiatives. Among other initiatives, mentoring sessions are held among the consortium partners as well as with external experts, and webinars open to the public are organised on topics related to Science Shops, RRI, participatory research and Open Science. The webinars are available here.

  • Coordinate the implementation of 78 SS projects, aligned with RRI, Open Science and impact assessment, in new and existing SS structures.

  • Coordinate the implementation of 4 transdisciplinary and transnational projects to solve in a "glocal" way the major challenges of society and facilitate the exchange of students internationally.

  • Organise an international call for proposals to disseminate InSPIRES good practices and implement 6 transdisciplinary and transnational SS projects.

Co-ResponSA(S)bilitat project

In the framework of the European InSPIRES project, the Living Lab for Health has promoted the establishment of a Multi-stakeholder Network known as Co-ResponSA(S)bilitat focused on fostering the promotion of Affective-Sexual Health to be more systemic, collaborative and decentralised. You can find more information on this link.

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