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The team focuses its research programme on the characterisation of infectious diseases and the development of new therapeutic strategies against these diseases and emerging infectious threats

The goal of the Pathogen Immunity Signalling and Therapeutic Applications (PISTA) group is to understand the underlying biology and features of human infection so as to develop novel therapeutic strategies against upcoming threats in a world that is becoming vulnerable to emerging pathogens that thrive due to globalization and climate change trends. As an emerging group studying emerging viruses, the team aims to lead rational design of broad antiviral treatments so as to fortify and strengthen preparedness against new viral threats, given that while infectious diseases can be contained by host defences, pathogens evolve to overcome immunity. In their endeavour to develop innovative antiviral strategies against microbial threats, the group collaborates with a range of clinical researchers, academic partners, and industries.

Nuria Izquierdo Useros
Principal investigator
Nuria Izquierdo Useros
Dr. Nuria Izquierdo-Useros (Madrid, 1976) leads a research group on emerging pathogens and microbial threats, whose main objective is to design new therapeutic tools to control the evolution of…
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