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Thuong Nguyen

Predoctoral researcher

Thuong completed her undergraduate study in Biochemistry from Middlesex University, London. Having her graduation amid the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Thuong later found her interest in immunology and vaccine research. In the pursuit of her passion, she won a scholarship to participate in a unique Erasmus Mundus master’s programme called LIVE (Leading International Vaccinology Education), coordinated by 5 universities in Spain, Belgium, and France. Thuong conducted her master’s project at the Institute for Tropical Medicine, Tübingen, focusing on the characterisation of antibody-dependent effector functions in naturally acquired immunity to malaria.

Taking a step forward in the commitment to science and research, Thuong joined the TIV group, led by Dr Christian Brander, at IrsiCaixa as a predoctoral researcher. Here, her work centres around the immunological evaluations of clinical therapeutic vaccines and interventions against HIV.

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