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The People in Red solidarity gala raises over 800,000 euros for infectious diseases research


The People in Red solidarity gala returned to Barcelona's Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), featuring hosts Andreu Buenafuente and Llum Barrera. Held on May 6th, the event drew diverse personalities and raised over 800,000 euros for infectious disease research

Once again, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona has hosted the People in Red solidarity gala. Presented by Andreu Buenafuente and Llum Barrera, the gala, held on Monday, May 6th, featured numerous personalities from the economic, social, and cultural worlds, managing to raise over 800,000 euros for research into infectious diseases.

The 14th edition of the People in Red, organized by the Fight Infections Foundation, in collaboration with IrsiCaixa, brought together 700 people, sponsoring companies, institutions, and celebrities from the social, cultural, and sports spheres of the country with a common goal: to fight against infectious diseases. Among the guests, the presence of actors and actresses like Marc and Aina Clotet, Natalia Sánchez, Santi Vaca, Eric Masip; singers such as Rozalén, Joan Manuel Serrat, Miki Nuñez, Suu Ventura; athletes like Marc Bartra, Jordi Villacampa, Àlex Corretja; content creators Dulceida, Marta Diaz, Jessica Goicoechea; prestigious journalists like Jordi Basté, Gerard Romero, Marc Giró, Santi Villas; and business figures like John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA at the Mobile World Congress, Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat and CUPRA, Emilio Rousaud, founder and CEO of Factor Energia, and Josep Oliu, president of Banc de Sabadell, among many others, stood out.

Currently, infectious diseases account for 35% of deaths worldwide and are also the leading cause of infant and juvenile mortality. For this reason, the People in Red gathers year after year individuals and entities joining the fight led by Dr. Bonaventura Clotet against HIV, COVID-19, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), and severe bacterial infections, among other infectious diseases.


Rozalén, Stay Homas, Nandu Jubany and la Fura dels Baus join the fight against infectious diseases

This year's edition stood out for various special performances. At the beginning of the event, coinciding with the appetizer on the terrace-viewpoint of the MNAC, la Fura dels Baus built a human network 30 meters high with the help of a crane, with more than 40 actors and actresses from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona performing.

During dinner, the Stay Homas music band, which gained popularity during the COVID-19 confinement, appeared unexpectedly on stage when Buenafuente referred precisely to the scientific research conducted to address COVID-19 and Long Covid.

Nandu Jubany, a Michelin-starred chef, along with his Jubany Events team, were responsible for providing the audience with an incomparable gastronomic experience.

After dinner, singer Rozalén put the finishing touch to the solidarity night with the performance of four songs, including the famous Comiéndote a besos, which precisely refers to the stigma still present among people living with HIV.

Finally, Fede Sardà and Manel Vehí made all attendees enjoy excellent music and cocktails, respectively.


Research against infections

The main objective of the People in Red solidarity gala is to inform and raise awareness about the challenges society currently faces in combating infectious diseases, as well as to raise funds for scientific research carried out by IrsiCaixa and the Fight Infections Foundation. These funds are allocated to strengthen projects led by research teams in different areas of investigation.

Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, director of IrsiCaixa, president of the Fight Infections Foundation, and host of the People in Red solidarity gala, concluded the event by highlighting, during his speech, that "in the current context in which we know what it means to face a global pandemic, our research has acquired an even greater importance. We are committed to using all our resources and knowledge to identify treatments that can cover possible new pandemics that may arise in the future. Additionally, we are collaborating closely with other organizations and international agencies to coordinate efforts and maximize the impact of our interventions".

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