Are We Ready for NGS HIV Drug Resistance Testing? The Second "Winnipeg Consensus" Symposium

Are We Ready for NGS HIV Drug Resistance Testing? The Second "Winnipeg Consensus" Symposium

Fecha de publicación online: 27/05/2020 Fecha de publicación en papel: 27 Mayo 2020 Revista: Viruses


HIV drug resistance is a major global challenge to successful and sustainable antiretroviral therapy. Next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) assays enable more sensitive and quantitative detection of drug-resistance-associated mutations (DRMs) and outperform Sanger sequencing approaches in detecting lower abundance resistance mutations. While NGS is likely to become the new standard for routine HIVDR testing, many technical and knowledge gaps remain to be resolved before its generalized adoption in regular clinical care, public health, and research. Recognizing this, we conceived and launched an international symposium series on NGS HIVDR, to bring together leading experts in the field to address these issues through in-depth discussions and brainstorming. Following the first symposium in 2018 (Winnipeg, MB Canada, 21-22 February, 2018), a second "Winnipeg Consensus" symposium was held in September 2019 in Winnipeg, Canada, and was focused on external quality assurance strategies for NGS HIVDR assays. In this paper, we summarize this second symposium's goals and highlights.

Autores: Ji H, Sandstrom P, Paredes R, Harrigan PR, Brumme CJ, Avila Rios S, Noguera-Julian M, Parkin N, Kantor R

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