Other diseases

Other diseases

Although IrsiCaixa’s main objective is the eradication of AIDS, the knowledge acquired in 20 years’ of research is also used to advance cures for other diseases. IrsiCaixa evaluates new treatments to cure viral hepatitis in co-infected patients and studies how the immune response to bladder tumour can be improved through mycobacteria vaccines. IrsiCaixa has also developed strategies to prevent and cure human papillomavirus infection and to detect possible cancers derived from this virus.

New drug development

IrsiCaixa works with the idea of extending acquired knowledge, in the future, to other emerging infectious diseases, for example, through the development of new drugs. IrsiCaixa has contributed to the development of a new molecule that inhibits replication of AIDS, HCV and other human viruses. This discovery has opened up new avenues for the development of pan-viral drugs that are effective against various viruses.


antivirals, cancer, co-infection, drugs, hepatitis, infectious disease, papilloma, vaccines

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