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Xplore Health

Xplore Health is a European educational programme to promote health by bringing biomedical research to the schools.

Who were behind it?

IrsiCaixa and the "la Caixa" Foundation, with the support of the Amgen Foundation

How was it developed?

By internet and through a network of pilot educational centres, research centres and science museums in Spain.

How was it structured?

In 8 thematic modules: HIV/AIDS, malaria, obesity, mental health, skin cancer, biotechnologies, genomics and drug development.

What did it include?

  • Multimedia resources for students and educators: videos, online games, virtual experiments, resources for reflection on ethical, legal and social aspects, protocols for experiments on current research, teaching guides, etc.
  • Face-to-face activities (courses and seminars for teachers and experiments workshops for students).

More information

Great part of the Xplore Health website resources are being transferred to the EduCaixa educational website, from where they can be accessed from now on. 


What is Xplore Health?

Presentation of the European educational programme Xplore Health.


Discovering public opinions on nanotechnology

NanOpinion was an European project to promote debate on nanotechnologies and analyse people’s expectations regarding these emerging technologies. (COMPLETED PROJECT) 

Who took part?

IrsiCaixa and 16 partners from 11 European countries, including four media bodies.

Who was behind it?

The NanOpinion programme was funded by the European Commission.

What was included?

Public participatory actions in the form of:

  • Online discussions. Surveys and questionnaires
  • Debates in scientific communication events. Workshops, roundtables, debating games, interactive terminals in public places
  • Communications campaign. Social networks and the press
  • Online resources. Some 150 informational and educational resources on the topic
  • Educational programme. Classroom and online courses for teachers.

Further information


Video: NanOpinion project presentation 

Tandem Schools

Tandem is a programme designed to bring current research into the classroom, close the gap between research and education and foster IBSE. (COMPLETED PROJECT)

It is promoted by Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, IrsiCaixa, Apel·les Mestres Secondary School and Barcelona Science Park (PCB).  

Further information

Tandem Schools

Presentation of innovative educational project promoted by the Foundation Catalonia La Pedrera

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