Ingenious Science Shops to promote participatory R&I and equity in science

The InSPIRES project brings together professionals and experts from within and outside Europe to co-design, pilot and implement innovative models of participatory research through Science Shops (SS). The SS model promoted by InSPIRES integrate RRI, OSc and impact evaluation as part of its DNA, with the aim of more strategically opening up the research process to civil society and other interested parties. It currently concentrates most of its efforts on health R&I but also has a strong focus on environmental and social determinants, gender parity and vulnerable groups (women, the elderly, adolescents, migrants and refugees). InSPIRES, which includes Science Cafes and other public participation initiatives, adopts an international ‘glocal’ approach aimed at fostering more inclusive, adapted and context-relevant community-based participatory R&I.

Project objectives

The main objective of the InSPIRES project is, in tackling key societal challenges, to build effective cooperation between science and society by supporting SS growth and by expanding responsible participatory R&I within and outside Europe.

To achieve this main objective, the project proposes the following goals:

  • To co-create, pilot, improve and implement a set of innovative SS 2.0 models, aligned with RRI, OSc and impact evaluation requirements, tailored to the culture, health and environmental sectors and focused on innovative and participatory approaches to systematically involving civil society and other key RRI actors in R&I
  • To establish new SS structures and strengthen existing SS networks within and outside Europe through a training and mutual learning programme based on developed models and tools
  • To contribute to the European debate on the interaction between science and society in R&I through comparative impact evaluation of InSPIRES initiatives and exhaustive reviews of existing good practices
  • To widely disseminate its approach and promote international strategic alliances through the implementation of transdisciplinary and transnational SS projects, the establishment of Spanish and Italian SS networks and through the impact on policies.

What’s the role of Living Lab for Health

WP4 leaders: implementation, monitoring and expansion of traditional and SS 2.0 models

The Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa is responsible for Work Package (WP) 4 of the InSPIRES project, whose objective is to coordinate the implementation of SS structures and projects, to support new SS structures through personalized mentoring programmes and to promote international cooperation.

Tasks, where the Living Lab for Health plays a key role, are as follows:

  • To provide mentoring for the creation of new SS structures and to consolidate regional SS hubs. Initiatives include mentoring sessions between consortium partners and external experts, webinars open to the public on SS topics, participatory research, RRI and OSc. You can check out the webinars here.
  • To coordinate the implementation of 78 SS projects, aligned with RRI, OSc and impact evaluation in new and existing SS structures.
  • To coordinate the implementation of four transdisciplinary and transnational projects to respond in a ‘glocal’ way to the main challenges facing society and facilitate international student exchanges.
  • To organize an international call aimed at disseminating InSPIRES good practices and implement six transdisciplinary and transnational SS projects.


Co-ResponS(H)ibility Project

Within the framework of the European InSPIRES project, the Living Lab for Health has established Co-ResponS(H)ibility as a multi-actor transformative platform based on a systemic and RRI approach, whose mission is o tackle the challenge of promoting affective and sexual health.


Més informació

For further information, visit the following link:

For more detailed information on the Co-ResponS(H)ibility platform or the InSPIRES project, or to participate in our CoPs, email us at or visit the project website at

InSPIRES has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme under Agreement 741677. 

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