Transforming the food system to develop solutions to complex and persistent challenges


What is it?

FIT4FOOD Bcn is a multi-actor platform promoted by the Living Lab for Health within the framework of the European FIT4FOOD 2030 project and the Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab. Its mission is to bring about systemic change by promoting healthy and sustainable eating and fostering changes in the R&I system through the promotion of RRI. This platform, corresponding within the framework of the FIT4FOOD 2030 project, is called City Lab.


What are the objectives?

The platform promotes transforming the model for fostering healthy and sustainable eating to a model that is more systemic and collaborative. It acts through multi-actor Communities of Practice (CoPs) that share collective strategies aimed at promoting changes in diet and habits at the individual level, in parallel with changes in the R&I system.

The purpose is to promote systemic innovation aimed at achieving a better impact on people’s health and well-being (by reducing the incidence of diet-related diseases and health inequalities) and ensuring sustainable development at the social, economic and environmental levels.


Who are the participants?

The CoPs are articulated through iterative workshops, which have involved professionals linked to the promotion of healthy and sustainable eating:

  • Health field: health service professionals, such as healthcare or public health professionals.
  • Technology, research and innovation field: researchers from universities and research centres.
  • Education field: representatives of academic education (teachers, family associations, etc.) and extra-curricular education (libraries, civic centres, leisure organisations, etc.).
  • Communication field: experts in communication and marketing.
  • Social and community field: representatives of civil society organisations, patients' associations, social workers, etc.
  • Economic field: representatives of industry, distribution and marketing processes, agents promoting innovation and entrepreneurship and representatives of food-related networks and clusters.
  • Institutional field: representatives of public administration and financial organisations.

By 2020, 113 social actors from 48 different organisations have participated.


Strategic Collective Action Plan

The CoPs, drawing on a wide range of actors, are developing initiatives to promote changes in the way we promote healthy and sustainable eating. The dynamic and iterative process has involved the actors participating in various workshop cycles organized since 2018, which have enabled them to acquire systemic knowledge and develop an innovative methodology aimed at fostering systemic and collaborative innovation.

The methodology includes an analysis of the complexity of existing obstacles to promoting healthy and sustainable eating and a definition of a vision for the future. This diagnosis will lead to the development of a Strategic Collective Action Plan focused on systemic innovation in terms of influential solutions to promote changes in collaborative governance, education, communication and in access to healthy and sustainable food, and other products and services.

During 2020-21 the Strategic Collective Action Plan will be implemented through a collective commitment in Barcelona, at both the city level and in specific neighbourhoods (La Verneda and La Pau).


Methodological guidelines

Within the framework of the FIT4FOOD 2030 project, Living Lab for Health has developed three modules to promote systemic innovation. All of them aim to facilitate systemic change in the model promoting healthy and sustainable eating, and prototype systemic solutions based on identifying key areas where influential change needs to be implemented. You can find the modules here.


Further information

Visit the Fit4Food2030 project website to view our Living Lab for Health webinar.

For more detailed information about the platform or the FIT4FOOD 2030 project, or to participate in our CoPs, email us at or visit the project website at

FIT4FOOD 2030 has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme under Agreement 774088.

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