Education programmes for young people

Education programmes for young people

Innovation in education

Our educational programmes foster innovation in science education by promoting interdisciplinarity and cooperation among different social actors and by encouraging participatory community research that fosters learning, generates new knowledge and stimulates change.

Our projects focus on socio-scientific challenges – linked to current research and to different disciplines – to be systemically solved through disciplinary/interdisciplinary research, and simultaneously promotes inquiry-based teaching, cooperative learning and training evaluation. To promote scientific reasoning and critical analysis of R&I, we also promote reflection on aspects related to the nature of science and on related ethical, legal, social and economic aspects.

  • Connect: project to promote an inclusive and sustainable educational model to empower secondary schools to promote an Open Schooling approach through participatory projects focused on change. Funded by the EC.
  • Educaixa: collaboration with the STEAMxCHANGE programme of Educaixa to develop innovative educational programmes that promote systemic knowledge and mono- and interdisciplinary participatory research.
  • IrsiCaixa Outreach: this programme is aimed at secondary school students and its purpose is to disseminate the basic concepts about HIV/AIDS and the research in this field, as well as to contribute to the prevention of the disease and to promote scientific vocations among students.
  • Previous programmes: Xplore Health, NanOpinion, Escoles Tàndem.

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