Collective health agenda of needs

Collective health agenda of needs

What is it about?

More than 1000 high school students in Catalonia defined a collective agenda of health needs from a list, which covered topics such as HIV and AIDS, homeopathy, use of vaccines, mental health, rare diseases, etc. Participants prioritized those in which they wanted to reflect more in depth. The project was completed during the course 2014-15 and was coordinated from the Living Lab of Health of IrsiCaixa.

As a result of the participatory process, students chose "stress, depression and emotional well-being" as the most voted topic, and "HIV/AIDS" ranked second. Around these topics the participatory projects Healthy Minds and Co-ResponS(H)ibility began.

In order to coordinate the participating educational centers, fifteen teachers joined in a course on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The different sessions of the course/workshops are listed below.

Course/Workshop on RRI sessions:

The methodology for developing the agenda of needs was co-defined during a three-session course with teachers, who at the same time encouraged the participation of their students facilitating dynamic activities in the classroom.

1) Introduction to RRI: at the first session, participants reflected on the relationship between society and the R&I system over the past decades, listed the features of Responsible Research and Innovation and concluded the need of bridging the gap between research and science education, encouraging the participation of their students in the R&I process.

2) Authentic tasks: the second session focused on incorporating authentic tasks in teaching. After reflecting on what these tasks are, a workshop was organized to co-define how to implement RRI in classrooms. It was agreed that students would be consulted about the health topics in which they were most in need of further study and reflection. Then, it was agreed to make a participatory dynamics with them to specify the research needs and interests within the chosen topics.

3) Specification of needs: at a third meeting, the participants shared the results of the dynamics and a conceptual map was built with the needs and interests of all the educational centers.

Based on the results of the consultation processes, the participatory projects Healthy Mind and Co-ResponS(H)ibility were launched.

The Living Lab for Health promotes the interaction between different stakeholders, therefore the education community will collaborate with research groups and civil society organizations interested in the subject to carry out research and governance participatory projects.

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