Community Advisory Committee for HIV/AIDS

Communication and dialogue regarding HIV

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) on HIV is an external body that facilitates communication and dialogue between the scientific community, HIV experts, HIV-affected groups and individuals at high risk of infection. The CAC meets four times a year and aims to facilitate a space for reflection and assessment that facilitates that IrsiCaixa's research is more aligned with the needs and expectations of the community.

Who’s behind it?

IrsiCaixa, in collaboration with the Fight AIDS FoundationIDIBAPS Infectious Diseases and AIDS Unit /Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, the Public Health Agency of Barcelona and the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Mission and functions

To provide scientific researchers in HIV/AIDS with a broader and complementary perspective on the impact, consequences and feasibility of their research, as follows:

  • Advising researchers in a non-binding way
  • Reviewing research projects
  • Monitoring the different impacts of studies
  • Evaluating informational and educational materials
  • Bringing the latest research results to the community.

Who’s part of the CAC?

14 representative volunteers who reflect the diversity and reality of HIV:

Current president: Mercè Meroño (coordinator of the Women’s Section of the Àmbit Prevenció NGO).

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