EduCaixa and the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa invite you to participate in the CORONAVIRUS COMMUNITY LAB

  • Do you want to help improve Coronavirus crisis management in your environment?
  • Become a change agent to help your community!
  • A proposal for families and adults, students aged 14-18, and teachers.

We are living through an exceptional situation as we face of the spread of the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization has declared that we are facing a global pandemic. The scientific community is working every day to learn more about the virus, possible vaccines or treatments, and crisis management strategies, but at this time we do not have enough information to draw definitive conclusions.

The government has declared a state of emergency to address this situation, which requires strict compliance with special measures. These measures include home confinement for the majority of the population, who can only go out to purchase essential products such as medicine and food.

Citizens dedicated to providing sustenance and health care for the rest of the population can also leave their homes. In the event that we have to leave home, we must protect ourselves and others by following basic hygiene measures.

It is essential we follow these general recommendations to avoid saturating the health system.

These recommendations apply to all citizens equally, but we may ask ourselves:

Is it easy for everyone to follow these recommendations? What problems are they causing for citizens, in terms of their health, finances, social lives, etc.? Are we sufficiently informed? What solutions are being offered to deal with citizens’ different situations? Can our community contribute? How can we mobilise to help improve crisis management in our immediate environments?

The Coronavirus Community Lab is a proposal for you to mobilise and empower your community with knowledge and skills, to explore your particular situation together and to implement solutions aimed at improving community health in a broad sense: physical and mental health, socialization, nutrition, rest, physical activity, etc.

You will work together as researchers to explore our situation and help generate evidence-based proposals for change and improvement.

Download the materials here. They will help you carry out your citizen science project with pedagogical contents about the Coronavirus, proposals for citizen research and community action:


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